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The Best Films of 2009

Another year has come and gone and 36 films that I’ve seen this year I considered to be worth my while. In fact, the first eight months of 2009, surprisingly, gave me no bad theater experiences which must mean I’m … Continue reading

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Is Warner Brothers Screwing Up Their Own Publicity?

I’ve just read two online articles in one day about how Warner Brothers has gotten antsy over the publicity of two major film releases. First, they’ve reportedly gotten nervous that Robert Downey, Jr. has suggested the possibility that Sherlock Holmes … Continue reading

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Chicago Film Critics Association Fucks Up

Congratulations, CFCA, you just gave top honors to one of the most jingoistic of all Iraq War films, The Hurt Locker. Why–the Iraqi and American stereotypes abound: little boy wheeling and dealing, check. Screaming mourning women, check. Iraqi men practically … Continue reading

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A Serious Proposal for Film Releasing

A few days ago, The Golden Globe nominations were announced. It’s an important film awards event, since this is considered a barometer to how Hollywood will treat Oscar nominations.  Here is a breakdown of the nominations by motion picture: MOTION … Continue reading

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The 5 Worst Adaptations of “A Christmas Carol”

Yes, it’s that time of year where we all get reminded not to be such soulless bastards and open up our hearts to love all of humanity. Dickens’ classic novel expressing this universal view has been adapted/remade over 60 times … Continue reading

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RIP Paul Naschy

Horror fans will be mourning the passing of actor/writer/director Paul Naschy who succumbed to cancer at age 75.  He’s appeared in countless Euro-horror films, most famously as a wolfman, but has appeared as vampires and other creatures as well. He … Continue reading

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