Chicago Film Critics Association Fucks Up

Congratulations, CFCA, you just gave top honors to one of the most jingoistic of all Iraq War films, The Hurt Locker. Why–the Iraqi and American stereotypes abound: little boy wheeling and dealing, check. Screaming mourning women, check. Iraqi men practically all setting, making bombs, or becoming human ones, check. Hot shot Yankee, check. And I just about lost it when the main character was able to leave the safe zone at night in a scene halfway through the movie without any sort of disguise whatsoever. It’s nothing more than a sleek action picture along the lines of Rambo and with no recognition whatsoever that this is a war we lied our way into and basically massively fucked up. It’s the safest of all Iraq War films, so it’s no wonder it will be on its way towards Best Picture Oscar. You want a better Iraq War-based film, CFCA? You should have chosen The Messenger.

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