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More Robertson lunacy

You know, the first thing that comes to mind whenever I see Pat Robertson on the air is “Is this guy dead yet?” Why? Because his crazy, right-wing ideas are certainly one foot in the grave. If you or I … Continue reading

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6500 Kids Imprisoned for Profit Released

Yes, that’s right. Here in America.  In case you had not seen Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story (one of the year’s best films), you missed this. A government run detention center in Pennsylvania was taken over by a private … Continue reading

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Good for Paul Haggis

Yes, it’s true, I still hate the movie Crash, but boy did director Paul Haggis do a great and brave thing in renouncing Scientology after 35 years, in large part because of the San Diego branch’s inaction against Prop 8.  … Continue reading

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RIP Soupy Sales

Sales was unique in kids’ show hosts. Appealing to kids at the same time as Captain Kangaroo, both had different approaches for entertainment. While Captain Kangaroo’s Bob Keeshan had a witty and gentle nature, Soupy Sales was completely off-the-wall like … Continue reading

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Would this convince you to watch Paranormal Activity?

The type of trailer I detest the most is the “audience reaction” ones, where the screams and flinches of people who look like they stand in line for every Carrot Top theatrical release are supposed to convince me to watch … Continue reading

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RIP Vic Mizzy

RIP Vic Mizzy (aged 93), one of the least known of incredibly strange lounge music composers. He was best known for the themes of The Addams Family and Green Acres, but also created great movie soundtracks for a number of … Continue reading

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If it smells, feels and tastes like it…

Buddy, why don’t you just come out and say you’re a racist?

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No ChicagOlympics

Two interesting views of Chicago and The Olympics: One possible reason why the U.S. was voted out–the difficulty in securing Visas. And this good view from a Nation writer.

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Old Rich Bastard Tells Young Poor Constituent to Hit the Emergency Room for His Depressive Disorder

Grayson’s right: the GOP wants people to suffer and die.  How else would you explain the reasoning given by Ga. Republican Paul Broun to a young man in debt because he needed psychiatric  medication after he attempted suicide? This is … Continue reading

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Satan’s Harvest

Over at Brian’s Drive-In Theater, you can watch this George Montgomery hoot of a movie. The low-budget action hero stumbles upon a group of white South African drug runners trafficking in giggle weed. Tippi Hedren, acting as poorly as her … Continue reading

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