The Long Hot Summer for the GOP

It’s started. Rep. Ryan’s disastrous budget plan giving tax breaks to the top 1% and tossing seniors to the mercy of the HMOs is already getting the Republicans in trouble in their own districts.

Here’s Ryan getting booed when he says the top 1% is already being taxed:

PA’s Pat Meehan got an earful at his town hall meeting:

This was after Meehan had stated during a debate in the last election season he would not vote for a voucher system:

Oops! Apparently, these politicians think the internet never archives their statements.

IL’s Robert Dold couldn’t get through his town hall meeting so easily.

And although NH’s Charlie Bass faced opposition that was fairly polite,  the nastiest was easily for Lou Barletta in PA, who faced such hostility, one of the questioners had to be escorted out by police:

I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot more of this before the 2012 election, and I welcome it. Last summer, the Teabaggers were shouting down politicians by using stupid and incredibly wrong information about “death panels” and other such nonsense. This time, the Ryan plan is spelled out in black and white, eliminating Medicare in favor of a measly $15,000 voucher we’re supposed to cash in at a health insurance provider. All this while the top 1% still get their tax breaks. Those are facts, not Palin tweets, and the truth is going to be a lot harder to pull over folks who can view it plainly.

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