Goodbye, but Not Farewell

When I decided to start a personal blog back in December 2005 (on Blogspot), I took it as an exciting endeavor. Posting items I had found around the web, creating new posts, sharing music, reviewing movies–all these things appealed to me at the beginning. In fact, I had some truly enjoyable moments.

Sharing my best of/worst of movies was always a delight, as was my excitement being a part of Piranha Man vs. Wolf Man: Howl of the Piranha. A couple of my buddies from Rochester, NY contributed to my blog. The live online blogging of The Oscars a few years ago taught me just how exhausting live blogging was, especially of shamelessly crass entertainment posing as cultural elegance. But the highlight, I felt, of DamnThatOjeda! was the first online interview ever with Barbara Anne Constable, star of the great cult classic Lady Terminator.

The last couple of years, in fact, have brought tremendous opportunities for me: acting, writing, stage managing, producing, lecturing, public relations, interviewing. Wow! For all those people who have assisted me by giving me the chance to be part of your projects, a big and hearty THANK YOU! You’ve made my move to Chicago a very positive one!

But as some great changes have occurred in my life career-wise, a change, I feel, must come with my involvement in cyberspace.

DamnThatOjeda! has covered movies, music, politics, humor and other tidbits of fun for almost 6 years (very hard to believe). However, I feel a change must come along. As you can see with these last several months, I haven’t been contributing to the blog as much as I felt I should have, and when I did, I consistently felt this blog was simply repeating or reposting blog entries found elsewhere. Doing so raises the legitimate question: why would anyone need to come to my blog when others more knowledgeable in such topics are providing the info themselves?

Thus, I feel the need to redirect my efforts in cyberspace. I’ve recently co-founded The Underground Multiplex with filmmaker Joseph R. Lewis, a fellow Rochesterian with a bold philosophy of creating art that matches my approach and thinking. Together we’ll be starting up the new blog (working title: Plex Mix, however this may change) which will serve as the nerve center for everything regarding The Underground Multiplex. We’ve added on Andrew Neel as a co-producer of the group and the three of us will bring you up to speed on everything going on with our new collective group. The important thing is that you are all invited to join us in helping make Chicago the capital of a movement of collective art creation–art and entertainment created with a committed sense of group involvement.

To do this, I must close this blog and give my full attention to The Underground Multiplex. I will continue on, of course, with entries on this new and exciting project as it will concentrate on our loves of movies, music and the creative process. You will definitely hear (and read) from me. In fact, it may be more often than in DamnThatOjeda!

To those who’ve followed this blog, my sincerest thanks! I’ve received complements from many of you and, believe me, I’ve taken them to heart. It’s given me a sense that this 6 year project was for a purpose, and that purpose was to further find ways to share the joy of creativity with you.

So, please take this as an invitation to join me and to join The Underground Multiplex. We will, of course, let you know when the new blog is ready for its debut.

Until then, I bid you adieu!

Peace and love,

Lew Ojeda



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1 Response to Goodbye, but Not Farewell

  1. Evolution says:

    Come back Lew!

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