GA Republican Rep. Rob Woodall Makes a Fool of Himself and His Supporters

I’m surprised the beltway media was slow to this one. GA Rep. Representative Bob Woodall counters angry Medicare recipients challenging him about his vote to kill Medicare by telling them to take personal responsibility. The reaction is a rousing ovation by a large portion of the attendees. Head to 1:45 for the response.

Yeah! You want your government to take care of you, because your employer dropped you. When do you decide to take care of yourself? Cue applause.

You’ll notice a dissolve edit that skips over a pretty damning portion. What came immediately after that lovey fest was a slamming challenge by a great attendee forcing him to admit to choosing the government to take care of him “because it’s free.”

Congrats, Congressman! Less than two minutes after you berated audience members to care for themselves, you managed to look like a hypocrite and make your applauders seem like dumbasses.

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