Worst. Parade. Ever.

Emperor Governor Rick Snyder attended a parade at the first city he had taken over with his economic martial law policy. Watch the videos and please tell me what this man had to be thinking in accepting the position as Grand Marshall of the Blossomtime Grand Floral parade. With just a smattering of applause greeting him from the seated parade goers until he reaches deep into safe St. Joseph territory, Snyder walked the route with opponents dually flanking him on the sidewalks chanting “Recall Rick.” Watch both these videos at the scene, first from Eclectablog.

And another from TheRochesterCitizen:

More photos from Anne C. Savage at Eclectablog.

These videos and photos are very telling in how disastrous this photo-op event was.  No balloons, no musical band accompanying him, nothing even remotely festive surrounding Snyder as he’s walking down the road waving at supporters at St. Joseph. Few supporters in Benton Harbor, of course. Even the district’s own state senator Al Pscholka, facing the very real threat of a recall, ditched the event. I mean, Amway’s going to be one of the benefactors of the new financial dictatorship, so why not ask them to pony up a few bucks to make Heir Leader look a bit more like royalty. It’s not like they don’t know how to spend a little bit of money to make something look festive and exciting.

There were two major presences in the parade: the very prominent police appearance with officers on motorcycles, horseback and in the harbor, giving the parade an atmosphere of armed force (boy, that will go over well). The second was the hundreds of people following with signs and chants. That group becomes the focal point of that event.  By the time I finished watching it, I had absolutely no idea what this parade was supposed to commemorate except for what lies in store for Rick in the future.

Even if you like what Snyder’s trying to do (I hate it), your jaw has to drop at this major fuck up. He had to know this appearance was going to be contentious. Agreeing to show up and wave, hoping that opponents would just go away, demonstrates his internal conflict between arrogance and stupidity. It’s as though those two traits were different suits to wear that day and he had to make a choice between them.

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