Rourke’s Playing Gay, But That’s Not Really the Problem

When I’ve read criticisms that Brokeback Mountain should have starred actual gay actors, I rejected the notion. If a straight guy can play gay and bring in audiences that would not under regular circumstances go to a “queer” picture, all the better I told folks.

However, I think sometimes there has to be a limit. Take, for instance, the current news that Mickey Rourke is ready to sign on to play iconic rugby player Gareth Thomas in a new movie.

I’m sure this is going to please Rourke’s fans, who will take every opportunity available to watch him in any film, but think about this: Rourke is pushing sixty while Thomas is only 36.  Wasn’t the point of Rourke’s great comeback character in The Wrestler the fact that he’s an aging athlete?

Thomas is a lot closer in age to this actor, but assuming Rourke gets the role, the question’s got to be raised: shouldn’t the call go out for openly gay actors who can handle such a role? You can’t tell me there isn’t one to be found who is muscular, athletic and 36 years old. If Rourke wants to be in the movie, he can play a coach. Hell, he’s old enough to play Stratham’s dad in any movie, so why not give that a shot?

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1 Response to Rourke’s Playing Gay, But That’s Not Really the Problem

  1. Jeremy O. Harris says:

    Great casting with Staitham….he needs a role like this to get him out of a car for once.


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