10 Reasons Why “Snakes on a Plane” Should be Your Holiday Movie Choice

1.  Deals with the rigors of airline travel. You know what that’s like for the holidays.

2.  Removes class as a barrier. Everyone is forced to fly coach with many wishing to be in first class. Eventually everyone surviving gets their wish.

3.  The movie gives you the porn moment you’ve been waiting for. A very young beautiful couple (Mile High Clubbers) get it on in the john while you get to, at least, see them both bare chested.

4.  Snakes are in gift-type boxes, just like the kinds of gifts you’d return.

5.  As a reminder of New Year’s, an older flyer passes so that a new one can live on. Poor Grace.

6.  Troy proves that video games are not only very much desired but incredibly useful. Save up for the next XBox.

7.  The meanest person on board–and arguably, the most money-minded–dies the worst death.

8.  Various clashing personalities eventually learn to work together in harmony. Aww.

9.  Snakes–the symbol of Satan–get their asses whooped for the most part.

10. Wouldn’t you want to swear like Samuel L. Jackson during your family gatherings?

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