Mel Gibson Can Hypnotize You!

Unintentionally funny blog post I found dated in late June about the abilities learned by Mel Gibson in self-hypnosis:


“Mel Gibson just did a 10 day private training in hypnosis. This means he can help himself and his family experience incredible levels of relaxation and help with positive reinforcement.”

The blog post was dated 6/26/2010 which means that sometime between the Officer “Sugar Tits” incident and his recent troubles with possible wife and baby battering, Mel got the mental goods to help you relax.

More from this mind-spinning blog post:

“You learn alot in hypnosis training, such as what language use is bad for you, how to phrase sentences in a positive way and much more. If Mel Gibson applies what he learns then he can become a great communicator and helper.”

All you have to do is just “get on your knees and suck my cock, dammit!”

Oh, please read the whole blog post. It’s amazing.

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