Hollywood, What is Your F*cking Problem with this Movie?

It’s truly amazing that Hollywood hasn’t the guts to yet release a gay-themed romantic comedy this year with big stars, because they feel it will give most young straight men tummy cramps. Entertainment Weekly reports that the glacially-delayed Jim Carrey/Ewan MacGregor film I Love You, Phillip Morris is now scheduled to be released in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave in October–pushed back three times. Meanwhile, six countries–including some with worse gay/lesbian rights violations than ours–have already shown it, and that doesn’t include European countries which have already done so.

Carrey said it was the 3rd script he’s ever given an absolutely yes to, and the other two were The Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. So, yes, I think he might know a thing or two.

Now, with that ranting out of the way, I think it was a clever move to release the gay sex scene from the movie online.  That way, all the major douche bag comments, gags and criticisms can be over with well before the release date.

This is why I think much more attention should be emphasized in the gay community on ratcheting up the quality of their own indie features, instead of counting on Hollywood to throw us a meager table scrap once in a while or hoping for a major gay-themed release.

Okay, so here is the NSFW sex scene released to the web.  It’s almost pathetic this has to be done. It’s like catering to cowards who think they’re going to suddenly dress like Liberace and listen incessantly to Liza Minelli records if these scenes are sprung onto them as “surprises.”

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