Away too long

Sorry for being away for so long. I do, however, have a few things I can let you catch up on.

May 15th was the World Premiere of the horror flick Piranha Man vs. Wolf Man: Howl of the Piranha, in which I played the small part of an asshole news editor who gets killed by a wolf man and turned into a zombie.  Carrie Long and Ian Hinck, who introduced the movie to the audience, star in this wild low-budget indie.  The terrific trailer is now being viewed worldwide and has garnered interest not only here in Chicago, but in other cities such as Austin, TX.

I’ve contacted the lovely Barbara Anne Constable, star of Lady Terminator, and hope to get an interview with her soon! You can befriend her on Facebook and join the group devoted to immortalizing this unforgettable cult classic.

Haters to the Left is having its final live podcast of the season before the guys head out for summer. Click on the “haters” link to get to the DePaul podcast website and check them out tonight!

My friend Joe Lewis took home the honors of Best of the Fest of Patriot-News Artsfest in Harrisburg, PA for his upcoming new twisted feature Scumbabies. Congrats, Joe! And I look forward to working with you for a Chicago premiere!

Don’t forget to check out Ian Hinck’s webseries Hitmanning! as well.

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