Rekers Resigns; NARTH Involved in Damage Control

I'm leavin'. Will others join me?

Rekers resigned from the board of NARTH (National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality) today, and the organization finds itself implicated in helping to cover up for a guy who admitted he hired a male “companion,” (“Lucien” aka Jo-Vanni Roman) via a website called

The Miami New Times, which first broke the story, now has a follow-up which makes NARTH as hypocritical as Rekers.

“Apparently the people who are associated with NARTH, they asked for him to send me an email of things we should write out,” Lucien told us. “And I didn’t agree upon it because I didn’t feel comfortable with the whole situation.”

After the interview concluded, Lucien suddenly called Rekers over speakerphone. New Times reporters jotted down notes.

Lucien asked Rekers repeatedly if anyone else had been involved in the questionnaire. “Yeah, one of the guys who’s on the board of a professional organization with me,” Rekers said.

As Lucien kept digging for details, Rekers finally admitted that the “professional organization” was NARTH.”

The folks at NARTH must not be very bright. After Rekers’ laughable answers as to why he hired Jo-Vanni Roman, it looks as though NARTH, not only stated they would look into this, but undermined their own shaky credibility by committing what looks like fraud. Filling out a pathetic looking questionnaire that looks and smells like the PR department and then claiming Roman gave those answers?  How many proofreaders did NARTH hire to make the responses look just right?

Major gay organizations have to step up and provide legal advice and counseling to Roman.  The man is a hero for coming forward as are the two reporters who broke the internationally covered story.

NARTH has now opened itself up to questions about this scandal, no matter who from the organization is speaking, when and where.  It’s no longer one man’s problem anymore.

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