How AZ Might Have Screwed Up Its Own Racist Immigration Law

Magron over at DailyKos put up a brilliant diary that I urge you to read. He basically argues that, since according to DHS, Canada, Poland, Ireland and other countries with white-skinned residents provide undocumented aliens to the US also, they need to be profiled too or else AZ agencies get massively sued via a provision in their own new law! This suggestion is, obviously, not geared towards filling jails with people, but instead forcing every police dept and government agency who is not “doing their duties” to clog up their daily business with this mess. When you think of it, it can actually be a useful tool to destroy this horrendous law. There are calls for boycotts of AZ businesses–commercial and state–being pushed as well. Also, you can join the Facebook page: 1 Million Strong Against the Arizona Immigration Law SB1070 and help get the traditional media’s constant attention.

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