Fox News Pulls the Rug on Hannity’s Appearance with The Cincinnati Tea Party

What's missing from this picture?

Earlier today, I was joking with my manager Mike about the possibility of hilarious unintentional laughs from the new Ridley Scott movie Robin Hood starring Russell Crowe. I didn’t think I would laugh harder today, but, boy oh boy, the great folks at Crooks and Liars came up with one.

Nutcase right-wing windbag Sean Hannity is in the middle of a book promo tour and decided it would be nice to have his show tonight originating in Cincinnati, where a milling throng of teabaggers would cheer him on. Charging $5-$20 a head, Hannity promised the proceeds would go to the Cincinnati Tea Party. When Fox News Execs supposedly heard about this (or, more likely, were caught) they allegedly were “furious” and forced him back to NYC to tape his show there.

Regardless of who knew what and when about using a “news organization” to promote a political group, this is more than an epic fail for Fox (who had been promoting tea parties, let’s be serious). This is cosmic, big-bang, explosive heat of a trillion suns fail. Especially, when the thousands attending the Cinci rally to see Sean are stuck with “Joe” the “Plumber” as the main speaker! Laugh til you piss your pants hysteria.

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