A Serious Proposal for Releasing “I Love You Phillip Morris”

In my last post, I described how Consolidated Pictures Group has decided to shelve the new Jim Carrey/Ewan McGregor gay-themed movie I Love You Phillip Morris, because theater screens are flooded with movies about gays and lesbians and we just can’t stand it anymore. And if you believe that, I have a CTA EL Station to sell you.

CPG, I have an idea for you, and I won’t charge you a dime.  Just be sure to credit me if you try it and it works.

Release the film to gay and lesbian film festivals across the US.  The star power is enough to fill the theaters (I know, I’ve attended and worked at them before).  Besides, this is the audience that’s going to make or break your film, not the Jim Carrey appeal demographic. Adolescent young males weren’t going to see Brokeback Mountain, so they probably won’t be lining up too quickly to see this movie without some nudging.

If the movie fails at the festivals, it dies a relatively quiet death. If it does well, then the good notices from these fests can be something the PR department can work with and start growing an audience. Remember, BM had to gradually gain an audience, too, but it paid off, becoming a huge success. Learn from their success.

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