Psychotic Who Threatened Rep. Eric Cantor Arrested

Norman Laboon, a deranged Philly man who uploaded over 500 videos on YouTube, was thankfully arrested for threatening to kill Republican Rep. Eric Cantor and his family.  Calling himself a messiah, he has many YouTube videos that will, I believe, make him a cult cultural phenomenon inspiring graphic novels, strange movies and TV shows for a long time.  How could he not be when he’s going off on such incredibly crazy tangents calling for the destruction of armies, generals, CNN, politicians and in the following video, theaters and malls for showing the movie Babe, because it was the symbol of Lucifer, a “pig god.”  (My favorite part of the video: the appearance of the messiah as a “tall, beautiful black man with long dreadlocks”).

I have to admit I do like the fact that a self-professed messiah would speak to his flock from his quaint little kitchen with uncombed hair, unshaven and wearing a bathrobe.

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