Live Streaming for Oscars 2010: Absolute Fiasco

Did anyone out there have a tough time finding reliable live streaming of the 2010 Oscars? I swear, you probably would have had an easier time downloading alien porn from Neptune (tempted to say Uranus) first.

What the hell’s the deal? Hollywood took in $10.5 billion in 2009. Are they trying to tell us they couldn’t allow for live streaming of the one film award event the whole world cares about? If you went to to watch the Oscars, you would have been redirected to, which would have shown you the Red Carpet ceremonies and other videos, but no live streaming. (Unless I was missing something. Was there an Easter Egg I didn’t uncover?)

What utter crap. Pre-internet days, one network would carry the Oscars and it would have a big draw, so you knew practically all the affiliates would carry it. Thus, you could watch it anywhere. Turn on your TV set, find the channel between 2 and 13, tune in, no problem. Now, if you don’t have digital TV, you’re screwed, even if you have the internet. Basically, you’re stuck searching around for some site that would carry it under the radar. I had to watch the streaming provided by someone hooked up via Peruvian television! (It made for interesting commercials).

So let me get this straight: as long as you have digital TV you can watch easily from any ABC station. If you’re online, The Oscars telecast is withheld as though it’s a damning secret from The Illuminati.

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