Exciting upcoming event

Sorry I haven’t been adding posts on here lately. I certainly want to comment on the Conan/Jay NBC debacle and will do so soon (probably after Leno shows up on Oprah).

But I want to announce an upcoming event at Facets Multimedia on Saturday Feb. 6th at 11:55pm (okay, midnight, but I wanted to be clear it’s Sat nite/Sun morn).

Facets will be resuming its popular Night School series and my lecture, Lady Terminator and the Golden Age of Indonesian Exploitation, will be up first.  I’ll be talking about the film and the era in which it came out, one in which a lot of crazy films were released in Indonesia during a relatively short time.

It’s not a given, but I’m told there’s a strong possibility that the lecture will be web broadcast live, so that those of you from out of town who can’t make it can still be able to see me conduct the lecture (but you won’t be able to see the movie).  If  this becomes a certainty, I will let you all know, especially on the Facebook entry found here. However, if you are in Chicago, you should definitely stop by, because there’ll be some other surprises the home audiences will miss.

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