Born of Fire Released on DVD

Mondo Macabro, the terrific distributor of the cine-strange just released a DVD version of what one reviewer called “one of the strangest films of the decade.” Born of Fire (1983) is director Jamil Dehlavi’s bizarre tale of a flautist (Peter Firth, who starred in Equus and this other bit of kiddie strangeness) whose weird melodic tunes and visions lead him on a trip to Turkey to find “The Master Musician” and a secret he probably wishes he hadn’t learned.  Suzan Crowley (The Draughtman’s Contract) plays his astronomer girlfriend who breaks the bad news to him. There’s more surrealistic visual wackiness you’ve probably seen in a while here folks, so you Jodorowsky fans might get a kick out of this. Those of you who can’t wait for the DVD to arrive can rent the VHS at Facets.

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