Slumdog Millionaire has its Crash Moment

Slumdog Millionaire has, of course, won Best Picture. No surprise at all, given how the Academy has a great knack for choosing undeserving films for the top spot.

From now on, I will refer to such new winners as finding the “…” Moment taking the last movie receiving the dishonor and inserting it in the phrase. For instance, Slumdog Millionaire just found the Crash Moment. Previously, Crash found the Titanic Moment, and so on.  And I use “moment” for the time unit, because that’s how long bad choices will be remembered. I’m serious. I’ve had a heluva lot more requests for No Country for Old Men after it won Best Picture than I had for Crash in its award aftermath.

So will next year’s winner be a good choice or will it find the Slumdog Millionaire Moment?

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