Rick Warren’s Christmas Spirit: The Gay Activists I Love SO MUCH are Christian-Hating Liars (so Go Fuck Yourselves! — subliminally, of course)

(Note: This is a reprint from my Facebook page.  Obama needs to drop this guy now.  Warren just dug himself a bigger hole trying to quell the controversy over his invitation to the inaugural and Obama’s going to get stuck with him just like he was with Rev. Wright.  If the process of choosing a new church is going to be this rocky, Obama might do well to join a Buddhist temple.)

Rick Warren is out for power. Despite his homophobic and anti-Semitic views, President-elect Obama chose this divisive individual to give the inaugural invocation–his first very major mistake.

Warren compared gay marriage to pedophilia and incest:

Then, ONCE THE CONTROVERSY GOT UNDERWAY, he had his church scrub its website specifically stating that gays were not welcome:

Now, finally, Warren–after making pathetic PR moves to make him look “centrist” (hey, I went to a gay thrift store! I gave gays water and donuts!)–made a video of what he really thinks in reaction to all the “terrible” criticisms he’s received. In it, he flat out lies about his earlier comparisons of gay marriage to pedophilia and incest, stating in this new video that he never made those claims and that those critics are “Christophobes.” I guess making up a term that mocks the very people you despise is supposed to make you “cool” :

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