Prop 8 Protest: Pictures from Chicago

Given the short amount of time to mount a protest against the passage of anti-gay marriage referenda, Saturday’s nationwide protest was a big success. Here in Chicago, we had 2000 people coming out on a cold, wintry day to gather at Federal Plaza. There were counterprotesters, but they were laughably small. You would think they would come out in great numbers if they actually won and supported these measures. With these pictures, I tried to give a sense of the size of the rally.














Some of the signs, as you can see, were evocative and some provocative. The last sign is held by yours truly, and if I may say so, it was the best sign there 🙂 (although I must admit the woman with the sign about her husband is pretty good too).

The last photo of the building is completely unrelated but I’m amazed at the bravery it takes to window wash like this. If that were me, the laundry bills for cleaning filled overalls would be enormous.

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1 Response to Prop 8 Protest: Pictures from Chicago

  1. culturepress says:

    Thanks for posting these awesome photos! And you guys braced the cold for this great cause! I’ve got a few pics from our San Francisco rally here:

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