I’m Thankful to Live Long Enough to See This Day

I was 6 years old when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. So long ago and so far away it seems now. Although racism ensues–as was proven during this election–cooler and smarter heads have prevailed. People from all walks of life (just look at the exit polling) have voted for the first African-American president ever. I was warned by some he would not make it, “they” wouldn’t vote for a black man or “they’ll” assassinate him.

I’m proud that America disregarded such talk and voted for a promise of the future. When people can vote for a positive ideal of what America should be, rather than vote based on wedge or faked issues, and do so for a leader that is very inspiring, it just took my breath away. That was truly my reaction at 10pm CST when the election was called for Barack Obama.

This forever changes the narrative of America for the better and, I hope, the nature of politics.

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