Get Out and Vote, Obama Supporters!

McCain supporters, I don’t care what the hell you do. It’s a nice day to go fishing, isn’t it?

For you voters:


1. Plenty of ID
2. Something to read
3. An umbrella
4. Good comfortable shoes
5. A portable chair if you have one
6. Snacks if you need them
7. A cel phone with numbers ready in case you need to report you have not been able to vote or find any dirty tricks to report

Honestly, if I were you, I would NOT take any t-shirts, buttons, stickers or anything else showing who you are going to vote for on your person. No sense waiting hours in line just to be turned away because you are considered to be electioneering. I know laws vary from state to state on what is allowed, but why even chance it? You can have that one most important day when you are not blatant about your choices, can’t you?

You WILL be waiting in long lines in a lot of states, so be prepared and also keep a look out for any dirty tricks, including those keeping you from voting.  Contact (phone 866-687-8683) or 877-US-4-OBAMA (877-874-62262) for more info or to report any problems.

I can’t wait to celebrate Obama’s victory here in Chicago. It’s going to be something else!

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