Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! arrested at RNC

Just for doing her job. This is disgusting! Fellow journalists should be absolutely outraged. I’m glad this got on the rec list at DailyKos, but Kos and some of the other main folks there should be pounding this issue of Gestapo tactics in St. Paul on the asses of the GOP and the Mayor (Daley?) hard and drop the obsession with Palin. This is fucking much more important.

UPDATE: McJoan at DailyKos comes through with a good post about the police raids in Minneapolis.

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5 Responses to Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! arrested at RNC

  1. gotea says:

    Wow arrested on purpose. How is this news?

  2. Dave Hull says:

    YAWWWNN! That’s right gotea; how boring, going to see what happened to her producers after being told they’d been roughed up and arrested, respectfully asking what happened, having easily-seen press credentials and immediately being taken into custody instead of having her freedom of press rights respected. Pretty much like all those other independent media people. I heard some SS (that’s secret service, ironically) guy tore off her press pass when she told him who she was and said something like “you’re not press anymore” while being arrested. Yeah, not much news here, just another journalist being denied the right to cover a protest by heavy-handed, ah let’s just call it what it is, illegal, police tactics, just another violation of one of our most important rights; I guess we don’t want to know these things huh? Seriously, if you care to know though, you should read The End of America by Naomi Wolfe; it’ll change your complacent attitude but good, these repressive measures have been getting worse over the past 10 years, and taken together they smack of incipient fascism being established in our country. The book lays out the different steps on the way to fascism, as they’ve developed in other countries, and it makes for pretty scary reading precisely because so many steps are being done here right now. If you care, and dare, get it and learn why so many people are willing to go through all this shit, getting roughed up, pepper-sprayed, put under arrest etc. They’re not mostly just trouble-makers or attention-seekers like the politicians and corporate media like to portray them.

  3. gotea says:

    Dave. Save this BS for someone who will buy it. Activists are not journalist. journalists seek to report the news, not make it.

  4. Dave Hull says:

    OK, first I’d like to make a sort of clarification on my comment. I did go over the top referring to the Secret Service the way I did, I guess I got a little emotional. What I should have made clear was that certain incidents involving certain secret service guys, like the one referred to here and the other incident a few years back where 2 people were harassed and booted out of a Bush event by one of them, denying them their rights as citizens to hear and engage with their “elected” leader, think it was in Denver, those incidents were totally uncalled for, and just an example of how some secret service abuse their authority (wonder where they got the idea they could do that) and shouldn’t be in that position at all. They do an important and dangerous job protecting public officials, and I shouldn’t have conflated the few irresponsible agents I cite here to represent the service as a whole.

    As for your response gotea, you’ve got the right to think what I’m asserting isn’t true, but I’d like to hear you say outright that you’re in favor of preemptive harassment and over the top police action against mostly peaceful protestors. I thought this was America, where we’re supposed to stand for the right of people to take to the streets if they feel it’s necessary to state their opposition to their government’s policies. Of course anyone using violence should expect to be arrested; but from what I’ve read most everyone who got arrested were just exercising their rights peacefully and lawfully, obeying police orders when asked to move and instead of being allowed to move and continue their protest, being trapped in large groups, including some people who weren’t even in the protest, and taken into custody. I’d call this repression, not law enforcement. As for your calling Amy Goodman an activist, ; you seem to think she was taking part in the protest itself; actually she was covering the convention which was why she wasn’t with her producers when they were arrested, she was inside the convention itself. There’s the protest and there’s the people documenting and covering what was happening; you shouldn’t act as though they’re one and the same, unless you’ve got some proof to back you up.

  5. gotea says:

    I will say that if one group of people gather together joined in a common goal or belief they should be allowed to do it without interruption from those who ‘ sole purpose is disruption. This is like an atheist walking into a church on Sunday morning, and attempting to interrupt the sermon with their own views. I am all for protesting and the right for free speech. That is everyone’s right. It is also a right for people to congregate without the tyranny of the small minded few causing disruption purposefully. Amy has an agenda, that detracts from any journalistic credibility for me.

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