McCain chose the wrong Palin

10 Reasons John McCain Should Have Chosen Michael Palin:

1. Unlike Sarah, Michael Palin has not only been to the United States, he’s been around the world. Takes care of the foreign experience issue.

2. Sarah can talk about being a Christian, but Michael’s actually been a missionary.

3. Michael’s been knighted by the Queen. Check out the ticket: the war hero and the knight. How could the GOP turn that down?

4. McCain choosing a British citizen would prove he’s a real maverick.

5. Michael would fit right in with the Bush/McCain world of denial. Proof? As a pet shop owner, he would not take back a dead parrot, because he claimed “it’s just resting.”

6. In A Fish Called Wanda, Michael proves he loves animals more than Sarah does, but can off his enemies when needed. Watch out, terrorists!

7. Can Sarah–or Joe Biden for that matter–say he’s got a chance to act opposite Johnny Depp? How’s that for getting the young vote?

8. Since he’s had experience in the Argument Clinic, Michael can certainly handle Biden in a debate.

9. You want health care? Michael’s been a chiropodist! But better yet, he knows how to keep a secret, so you can certainly trust him with important intelligence.

10.  Michael Palin’s been on Saturday Night Live 6 times! How many for you, Joe? Now that’s what I call experience.

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2 Responses to McCain chose the wrong Palin

  1. Joey Redwood says:

    That’s it Lew. You’ve finally lost your Spam-addled mind! THIS IS AN EX-VICE-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE!

    ~ Notorious J.O.E. ~
    Arcata, CA

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