RIP Bebe Barron

Bebe Barron died a few days ago at age 82. Along with her late husband, Louis, Barron made film soundtrack history by composing the first electronic music soundtrack on magnetic tape for a feature film, Forbidden Planet. It’s still amazing today:

Their popularity was revived in the 1980’s when the great two volume set of books “Incredibly Strange Music” brought them recognition among a new legion of fans just beginning the “Lounge” movement. The Barrons had a great sense of humor too, as evident in two tracks performed with the 101 Strings Orchestra that were not released until Scamp Records reissue of “101 Strings Play Astro Sounds from Beyond the Year 2000.” The bonus tracks on that great CD included two aurally racy tunes with Louis and Bebe grunting, moaning and breathing heavily, simulating sex. It’s worth hunting down.

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