Comedy Tonight: B. S. Pully

Tonight’s entry is one of my favorite bad comedy albums: B. S. Pully’s Fairy Tales. This album is one of those early raunchy anti-PC records (pretty tame by today’s standards) like those of Belle Barth, Rusty Warren and Pearl Williams. I found it in a record store in Rochester, NY filed under “children’s records.” Ha!

Pully was a supporting actor whose most famous role was that of Big Jule in Guys and Dolls. He appeared in other films too, like Cat Ballou and The Love God? (starring Don Knotts) which has got to be one of the most obscene G-rated films ever.

One of the main reasons why I love this album is that Pully has the greatest voice for stand-up comedy ever. When he tells you he works the terlet , you believe him. With that chain-cigarette and whiskey voice, he sounds like he could have been the bouncer for his own shows. A few things you’ll notice here are that many of his jokes are not funny and he comments on how people are not laughing at them. Also, you’ll notice the same annoying recorded laugh loop running through most of the album. It’s a pretty sloppy mixing, but hey, it adds character. Enjoy the ‘venereal material’!

Fairy Tales Pt 1

Fairy Tales Pt 2

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3 Responses to Comedy Tonight: B. S. Pully

  1. A story about my Father-in-law and how he helped get Pully to Hollywood for his G&D performance –

  2. paul b. says:

    His shining hour was when a nightclub owner told him that if he heard one filthy word
    come out of his mouth during a show he would physically throw him off of the stage and he
    would never work there again.
    Showtime rolled around, Pully took the stage and the owner was backstage waiting.
    Pully was standing there silently when the audience burst into howls of laughter.
    The owner ran around the front of the stage to behold Pully peeing in his pants.
    Pully rightfully stated to the owner: “Hey, I didn’t use any foul language!”
    (Mr. Pully died at Jefferson Hospital in Philly, RIP)

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