Comedy Tonight: Ooo-But It’s Good!

To most people, Jack Sheldon is remembered for singing Schoolhouse Rock tunes “Conjunction Junction” and “I’m Just a Bill.” However, he’s a trooping and surviving jazz trumpeter great with one of the most distinctive singing voices ever. Just released is a new documentary about him called Trying to Get Good.

Apparent in the Schoolhouse Rock tunes is his great sense of humor. He’s appeared as a regular in 60’s sitcoms and starred in a comedy called Run Buddy Run, which is remembered fondly by enough people writing to the great TV site TV Party, that I would have to say it would probably gain cult status if it ever emerged on television again or on DVD.

Though he’s recorded numerous jazz albums, Oooo-But It’s Good! is not one of them. Most of the album contains comic monologue (the only song, “Born to Lose” is not included here in the downloads) . Although this was probably recorded during a period when he abused drugs and alcohol (he certainly sounds it here), it nonetheless presents a vivid imagination with a dark tinge. From rat experiments to WWII as a “fun” war, he approached material with a sensibility similar to his friend Lenny Bruce. A fascinating lost album.

Irving Lancelot and the Medieval Jazz Quartet
Experiments with Rats
Born to Lose
Amoeba Jazz
The Falcon
The Last of the Great Fun Wars

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1 Response to Comedy Tonight: Ooo-But It’s Good!

  1. Mike says:

    Thank you for making this available, been searching for it for years. What a wonderful set of hipster shaggy dog stories! Truly a fascinating lost album. Jack Sheldon played trumpet on Tom Waits’ Blue Valentine album and I’ve always wondered whether he had any influence on the kinds of yarns Waits tells between numbers.

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