Comedy (?) Tonight: Unkie Dunkie, The Baloney Slicer

Tonight, I’ll link you up to the WFMU blog (Beware of the Blog) for an experience that, I guarantee, you will never forget. Unkie Dunkie, a Jersey City, New Jersey butcher decided he wanted to share with the world his gift for comedy. Opening with a sound effect of stadium applause that could greet Bruce Springsteen, Dunkie drones a rambling skit in which he portrays himself and his ne’er-do-well nephew named Mortimer, who seems to never take the garbage out no matter how many times Dunkie reminds him. Along with an array of sound effects (including gongs, car wrecks and pops), Dunkie keeps a looped laugh track going continuously, disregarding the skit content. What really draws you in, however, is Dunkie’s monotoned, half-shouting staccato delivery, sounding like a cross between Ralph Kramden and a mafia boss.

If we can have outsider artists like Henry Darger and outsider musicians like Daniel Johnston, then we can have outsider comics like Neil Hamburger and, now, Unkie Dunkie the Baloney Slicer.

You can find and listen to the files here.

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3 Responses to Comedy (?) Tonight: Unkie Dunkie, The Baloney Slicer

  1. christina says:

    hi. i’d like to know more about this person. respond please

  2. All the info is on the link provided. I know as much about him as you do.

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