Comedy Tonight: Here Comes the Bird

A year after Our Wedding Album, Kenny Solms and Gail Parent went to work on a second wedding album, this time with Lynda Bird Johnson as the main target. Much of the humor takes place at the expense of George Hamilton, who was dumped as Lynda Bird engaged and eventually wed Charles Robb, future U.S. Senator from Virginia. Solms and Parent take on the voices of the bride and groom, and Jo Ann Worley returns, this time as Luci Baines and reporter Nancy Nickerson of NBC News. The voice of LadyBird is helmed by Nancie Phillips, who I think might be a bit actress appearing a few times on Laugh-In and Love American Style. Lyndon Johnson and George Hamilton are vocalized by Carlton J. Blandert. I’ve tried IMDB, Wikipedia and Google searches for him and found no responses. Any idea who he is?

The Decision
The Bridge Game
The Last Phone Call
The Agent
The Press Conference
The In-Laws
The Plans
The Stag Party
The Parents of the Bride
The Bridal Room
The Wedding
The Honeymoon

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1 Response to Comedy Tonight: Here Comes the Bird

  1. Devlin says:

    Classic album! Haven’t heard it in 35 years/thanks. I’ve never heard of the first one.

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