Comedy Tonight: Our Wedding Album or The Great Society Affair

This is the first of two comedy albums I’ll present with comedy written by and performed by the writing team of Kenny Solms and Gail Parent, both of whom combined comedic forces for some great comedy, most notably as two of the main writers for The Carol Burnett Show and for the mid-70’s version of The Smothers Brothers Show.

Our Wedding Album centers on the wedding of Presidential daughter Luci Baines Johnson to Patrick Nugent in 1966, and although it is topical, the humor still works for the most part. As you will hear, much of the humor stems from father Lyndon Johnson’s disregard for the soon-to-be son-in-law, some typical wedding jitters, and older sister Lynda Bird’s fret over not being married first. It helps for listening to this album and the follow up, Here Comes the Bird, that Lynda Bird was, at one time, dating actor George Hamilton (you know, the celeb with the perpetual bronze tan?).

Solms went on to write and produce numerous TV shows including Touched by an Angel, some Carol Burnett specials and was the head writer for the Emmy Awards in 1991. Parent had even greater success, writing the bestseller Sheila Levine is Dead and Living in New York City and becoming the producer and writer for The Golden Girls and Tracy Takes On…

Kenny Solms takes the voice of Pat Nugent while Gail Parent voices Luci. The other performers on the album should be familiar: Fannie Flagg plays Lady Bird. Flagg is familiar to anyone watching TV game shows in the 1970’s. She appeared on many, but also was Oscar nominated for writing Fried Green Tomatoes, and voiced LadyBird Johnson on other albums. Jo Ann Worley, from Laugh-In fame, plays four roles including that of Lynda Bird. The remaining male voices are performed by Robert M. Klein, who, I’m almost certain, must be the famous comic known without the middle initial.

The Tape Recording
The Proposal
The News
The Daughter’s Hand
The In-Laws
The Guest List
The Wedding Gown
The Stag Party
The Birds and the Bees
The Parents of the Bride
The Sister and the Movie Star
The Great Society Affair
The End

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1 Response to Comedy Tonight: Our Wedding Album or The Great Society Affair

  1. Sally Bledsoe says:

    I had this album as a teenager. I listened to it often and had it memorized!
    Thanks for such a delightful scamper down memory lane! lol

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