Oscar Predictions

My friend Barry sent me his predictions for Oscar night:

Best Picture: No Country for Old Men
Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis (“There Will Be Blood”)
Best Actress: Julie Christie (“Away From Her”)
Best Supporting Actor: Javier Bardem (“No Country for Old Men”)
Best Supporting Actress: Tilda Swinton (“Michael Clayton”)
Best Director: Ethan & Joel Coen (“No Country for Old Men”)
Best Adapted Screenplay: “No Country for Old Men”
Best Original Screenplay: “Juno”

I think he’s pretty much on the money, except that I think Cate Blanchett will probably win again for her much touted (and controversial)  performance in I’m Not There. MSN recently had an article on the least deserved Oscar winners. If Blanchett wins, look for her inclusion in the next such read.

I have a few more predictions to add:

Ratatouille will win Best Animated Feature. But, please, watch Persepolis. It’s a good one for those wanting more substance in their animated features. Kiddies have Saturday morning, adults don’t have as much.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the Best Animated Short was My Love. However, the winner I think will be I Met the Walrus.

Finally, Best Documentary Feature is going to be interesting, perhaps the most interesting of the night. Both Sicko and No End in Sight deserve to win, although I would put my money on the latter, simply because I want the right wing to reel a little more from the Iraq debacle. Also, we’ve not had a documentary that focuses solely on the Iraq War winning an Oscar yet, and there are plenty to be had out there.

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