Comedy Tonight: Pat McCormick


Probably best known for his roles in two of the Smokey and the Bandit movies, comedian Pat McCormick was a more influential comic than you probably figured. For many years, he was a revered writer for Johnny Carson, even getting the backing of the legend when he wouldn’t produce comic lines for months. Carson allegedly said that when McCormick comes up with a gag, the wait was worth it.

The track added to the blog tonight is a cut from his 1968 album Pat McCormick Tells It Like It Is. A comedy album of mostly contemporary topics, it presents the comic in different guises (game show host, club president, political pundit–labeled here as a prognosticator–and so on), but always as Pat McCormick, except for this track in which he’s “Tonto McCormick.” The thing that struck me immediately upon hearing the other tracks is how similar in vocal pattern and presentation he is to Carson. Did one copy the other? Who knows.

Anyway, enjoy the corny, dated (and not so PC nowadays) humor of Pat McCormick Speaks with Forked Tongue.

Pat McCormick Speaks with Forked Tongue

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1 Response to Comedy Tonight: Pat McCormick

  1. Richard Deenis says:

    Had this album when I was a kid! Was instrumental in shaping my sense of humor… for better or worse!

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