Hate Fox Like I Do? Then, You’ll Love This

Eric Boehlert from Media Matters writes this great article about why 2008 is not going to be Fox’s year. Read it, you’ll be heartened.

Once finished with that article, you’ll want to read this from AP via the Huffington Post. Rudy 9ui11iani endorsing John McCain will not please Fox very much after there’s been many instances of them trashing the Senator for being too conciliatory with the Democrats.

Fox basically fucked themselves and now I’m laughing. Like Boehlert pointed out, they went out of their way to back the Republicans and this crazy administration time and time again and now they’re paying in ratings (read “ad revenue”).

If Fox ends up laying off people, it’ll be like being freed from a cult.

Here is Fox’s attempted branding for the presidential hopeful–“America’s Mayor”

America’s Mayor …Maynot! Ha, Ha!

Chalk up another one to add to this great post.

UPDATE: Big Laugh No. 2…

Even after Fox’s branding proves worthless, they still use it! LOL… From their own website report:

“Despite months of targeting Florida Republicans, who are heavily populated by retirees hailing from Giuliani’s home state of New York, “America’s mayor” failed to get a toehold in any demographic Tuesday, FOX News exit polling revealed. ”

Insert hysterical laughter here. Even the dumbest cat knows how to cover its own shit.

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