Now a Short Post about a “Useless Asswipe”

A couple of friends have told me about the controversial remarks of “JG” ( I will not mention his name, nor link anything to him–you can go to for that). This poor excuse for a human being–I’ll refer to him from now on as Useless Asswipe–made fun of Heath Ledger’s passing with attempted humor that basically exposes him as the psychotic sociopath that he is.

Useless Asswipe, you’re not funny. Never were, never will be. You will never be remembered for anything except perhaps this stupid stunt you just pulled. In fact, I hope that offending transcript is on your tombstone so that your descendants change their names in shame.

I swear, this country may have to open a separate mental hospital to house all the cases that Fox employs. Hmm, maybe that’s the point–perhaps these commentators are not so much hired as they are institutionalized in Fox.

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