Bush Failure Number 3,947,367,468,299 and counting

This is disgraceful. At a time when this country is awash in capital and economic shows and reporters talk about how good this economy is, we get the real picture here (via DailyKos).

It’s unreal that food banks across the country have to go dry. I was just having an argument with a libertarian about government expanse and used social programs as an example of where it’s not expanding and where this government falls right where Neocons and Libertarians agree.

Anyway, enough quibbling about that part. If you’re in the Chicago area you can go to Chicago’s food bank and find out what you can do and what food items are most needed. Dominick’s food markets have collection boxes for the food bank.

The rest of you can log in to Second Harvest and learn what you can do.

The DailyKos posting, however, is right. It can’t be just left up to individual donations. This is one area government intervention is mandatory. None of this libertarian bull crap. I don’t care much for the US trying to visit what Dickensian England must have been like, thank you very much.

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