Do the Lurch

This is one of the most bizarre ’60’s music clips you’ll ever see, I promise you. But a little background first: years ago I found a book and CD titled: Hollywood HiFi, which documented some of the worst and most bizarre records recorded by Hollywood celebrities. One of the great tunes on the CD was the dance song “The Lurch,” recorded by Ted Cassidy who played the title’s namesake on TV’s “The Addams Family.” Never would I have imagined that this strange dance craze would be attempted on television, but seeing is believing. Watch now as Ted Cassidy performs the stiffest dance ever (and check out the special effects half way through). By the way, the cheerful guy singing the song, I believe, is Jimmie Haskell, who’s done an enormous amount of pop music composing for TV and movies. He’s probably due for a retrospective sometime.

Oh, My God–and again!

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