Another good one from Robert Greenwald with Petition

Filmmaker Robert Greenwald’s latest from his series Fox Attacks goes after the “news” network’s hypocritical stance on decency with Bill O’Lie’lly leading the way. Especially despicable is the gratuitous show of skin at spring break during a serious news report about students being murdered during the annual college “holiday.”

He’s also got a petition going to demand cable suppliers allow “a la carte” choosing of channels. A good idea, although the cynic in me believes this will be a ploy for suppliers to weasel even more cash out of you.

The immediate thing you can do right now is to set your television to “erase” all Fox Networks and let Fox advertisers know you are doing so. If you need your fix of The Simpsons or other TV shows, go to your local independent video store. Writers are on strike anyway, so all you’re gonna get is reruns.

BTW, I’ve stopped with cable viewing years ago and I don’t miss it a bit.

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