Two Moments of Hilarity

One intentional, one not.

The one unintentional spot is from a news report on CNN where the world’s worst Secretary of State Condi Rice (honestly, can you think of a single positive foreign policy initiative she’s headed?) forces her own department to serve in Iraq, despite a revolt from within claiming that working there would be a “death sentence.”

When confronted with the department’s own 12% approval rating for Rice, Harry Thomas, who’s African-American (but works for the Bush Administration so that immediately puts him in the category of GOP token), actually pulls the slavery card out of his fat ass as an excuse, instantly dissing anyone and everyone who ever fought to end slavery in this country. Wasn’t Lincoln a Republican?
And, um, Harry…forcing people to work against their will? What is that? I’ll wait for your answer.

The other funny moment–great comedy, this one–is from Keith Olbermann who chose Roger Ailes as his worst person in the world after the RudyG-staffin’ latter re-edited bad reviews of his new Fox Business Network to look like good ones.

Poor Roger, getting so lazy with GOP cash, he’s forgotten even how to lie with a sliver of believability. (Credit both links to the great

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