Note to Media: Stop Promoting Ann Coulter

Seriously, why must you feel the need to promote this harpy’s new book? What new is she going to say that she hasn’t said in the last several books? Dems and liberals are treasonous, Godless, terrible for America, blah blah blah, racist, blah, faggot, blah, blah, terrorists, blah.

Tucker Carlson must feel his low ratings are just not low enough. He’s gotta invite Ann Coulter — leading candidate for “crazy aunt in the attic” in a few years — to plug her new book just so he can laugh at her lack of journalistic professionalism. Like she’s ever had any?

If that’s not enough, here is CNBC’s Donny Deutsch acting shocked, shocked that Harpy is being anti-semitic.

What planet did you just come back from, fella? If you did any video research on Crooks and Liars or Media Matters, you would know she’s going to spew nonsense and the media will look at this as “legitimate” right wing dialog.

There’s a really good point brought up here about you guys. You simply do not have to say yes when she wants to promote her latest piece of dull bullshit. I mean, when I shit, I flush it down the toilet. I don’t ask Tucker Carlson to let me on his show so I can promote it.

Well, corporate media, I’m putting you on notice. From now on, anyone who has the likes of Coulter, Malkin, Hannity, O’Reilly, Limbaugh or any other far right wing nut who’s spewed out such horrendous slanderous nonsense for no other reason than to let them promote more of their hate will be diagnosed by me as having Dr. Affie Adagio Syndrome.

Allow me to explain.

Dr. Adagio herself does not have this condition. She’s a physician consulting chemically addicted clients and helping them go through the 12 steps of recovery. A noble and worthwhile cause indeed.

But in her treatments and counseling, she’s added one more step:

The 13th Step: Don’t Screw Anyone Crazier Than You

This, I would argue, is the problem with Carlson, et al. They allow themselves to electronically bed with Crazy Coulter for no justifiable reason. If she’s such a callous moron with nothing noteworthy to say before she goes on your show, why would you think your own program will be any different?

As the good doctor explains:

“It is not helpful to enter into an intimate relationship with someone who needs our assistance to recover from any illness or needs to improve their skills.”

I would adapt that to say to Ann, “Bitch, stay the fuck away. You don’t need me to help you make money so you can still be sick with your crazy-assed comments. Get me?”

I hope in the future corporate media will take heed of this advice and start on its own path to recovery.

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3 Responses to Note to Media: Stop Promoting Ann Coulter

  1. Congratulations you have, indeed, the correct interpretation of the use of the term 13th Step which I also intended for people outside the 12 Step recovery program. This is because I believe it is a symbolic term of that extra step in any program which trains professionals to provide a service to others and therefore be responsible for not abusing the privilege.

    One important correction that needs to be highlighted is that I am a qualified Family Therapist/Life Coach specialising in compulsion and recovery (addictions), a Doctor in Philosophy not a Medical Doctor or Physician. My PhD research was in Compulsion and Recovery and as a result I believe in a diversity of approaches – a synthesis or a balanced approach to recovery.

    Good luck in your efforts to influence media to be more responsible.

  2. Lew says:

    Thank you, Doctor, for your response. I was hoping I was on the right track. Now let’s just hope the rest of media catches on!

    Cheers and best of luck with your work,

    Lew Ojeda

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