Thanks GOP!

When Bush, the Republicans and some chickenshit Dems were “busy” condemning for an ad that was 100% truthful, the DC punditry tried to paste some sort of scarlet letter on the group. Didn’t the anti-war organization “go too far?”–and other such nonsense got brought up by the likes of Laura Ingraham, David Schuster and others.

But the problem is only the DC pundits really care about a goddamn ad. Proof? MoveOn saw a surge of donations just after the senate vote. According to an email they sent me and others, they raised $500,000 in one day–the highest one-day money-raising total they’ve ever had. Now, they’re using the money to get anti-Republican ads out there. Ha!Ha! Nice going, GOP numbnuts.

BTW, I’ve contributed money to MoveOn. Please help them help us.

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