CTA May Hike Rates, Because GOP Leader is Acting the Ass

All of you in Chicagoland should read this good editorial from the Chicago Tribune basically assailing Tom Cross, the State House Republican leader for holding up a much needed increased funding for CTA.  His problem? They want money for upgrading roads leading out of Chicago first, because drivers are sick and tired of waiting in traffic.

Well, boo-effen-hoo.

I’ve been through this horseshit before when I lived in Rochester, New York.  The county executive from the suburbs always tried trumping whatever plans to increase city revenue the Rochester mayor would propose, because of a what’s-in-it-for-us attitude.

If you live in a thriving suburb, you can thank the city for it, in large part, because the city will most likely provide a job for you, venues for your entertainment, unique stores for you to buy things,  and a way for you to get around so all of the above can happen.

But nope–to Cross, it’s more important that the money-flight trails in and out of the big city (“get me otta here!”) get paved and expanded for air-polluting beemers than the only choice of transport for those in the city get adequately funded.  Cross, as the editorial wisely states, will make more drivers cross when they decide to clog even more cars on the roads rather than pay increased fares. And please don’t tell me the suburbanites won’t bitch at the increased fares as well as city dwellers.

With Global Warming and increased air pollution threatening our health, increased funding for public transportation should be a no-brainer.

If you want better funding for CTA, I urge you to go here and call your reps!  

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