Latest GOP/Right Wing Craziness

If you have any doubts that the right-wings’ heads are spinning with desperation, you should check out a few things that have happened the last few days:

Larry Craig, the not-gay Idaho Senator fined for soliciting gay sex in a Minneapolis Airport restroom, resigns. Then, he takes it back. Then, he resigns for certain.

Faux News, not hiding its contempt for presidential candidate Ron Paul, asks during the debate if Paul takes his “marching orders from Al Qaeda.” The result: Fox’s own text msg poll results at the end declare Paul the winner and drives Hannity crazy.

Some far right wing nuts want General Patraeus, who will be unable to give his own status report on Iraq without White House interference, to run for President!

And finally, the funniest: some Larry Craig supporters want to have the Minneapolis Airport that cruiser was arrested in boycotted over land rights issues! LOL!!  What’s next? Boycotting it because there was no soap in the men’s room when Craig went there?

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