Get Out Your Hypocrite Scorecards, Here’s Another One

GOP Senator Larry Craig from Idaho apparently tried to really put the HO in Idaho when he was arrested for disorderly conduct in a men’s bathroom stall. He pled guilty and paid a $500 fine.

He’s another “Family Values Conservative” scumbag who cowers in the closet, while making life miserable for others in the LGBT community. It’s exactly the type of 1950’s whimpering, self-hating gay the religious right loves.  Americablog has more on his shitty gay rights voting record.

The arrest exposure caused the Mitt Romney campaign to quickly scrub their site and YouTube so that Mitt Romney Campaign’s Co-Senate Liaison‘s love blather for his man couldn’t be seen. Try not to bust a gut laughing when Craig says Romney’s a “family values” guy just like he is:

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