When I Say That Republicans Suck…

Boy, I ain’t kiddin’.

Two real winners here: First, Florida State Rep. Bob Allen, a co-chair of the McCain Campaign in the state, gets arrested for propositioning oral sex from an African-American undercover cop in a park. Instead of admitting his wrong-doing, he plays the race card and claims he offered to suck the man’s cock, because he feared he would be hurt by him and the other black men he had seen in the park at the time. WTF?!

I like that 365gay.com headlined the original story as being a “blow” to the McCain Campaign.  It’s a “blow from” the campaign, isn’t it?

If you have any doubts as to whether this was police instigated, read the officer’s police report (pdf file). In it, Allen is the one who approaches.

Joe.My.God blog also points out that Heir Allen was the author of “The Lewd Or Lascivious Exhibition Act,” a bill he introduced on the Florida House floor and one that he would have been breaking had it become law.

The first piece of advice I would give Allen if I were his lawyer: STFU!

The second is, in a way, even sicker.

The newly-elected leader of the Young Republican National Federation, Glenn Murphy didn’t have his position for a month when he got slammed with charges of sexual assault for attempting to suck another guy’s cock.

“But Clinton! But Clinton!” I may hear some of you say.

Ah yes, but when Clinton was involved in a blow job, both parties were consentual. Hell, unlike this Repub incident, both parties were at least conscious.

Oh, and he apparently did this previously, the same exact way,  and was arrested in 1998.

So the party that backs Bush’s surveillance techniques can’t even research one of their own going back less than a decade. Criminals, send in your resumes.

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