A Few Movies I’ve Seen Recently

I was interested in seeing the Dalai Lama when he visited Chicago on Sunday, but unfortunately I did not realize he was even going to be here until last Friday mid-afternoon on my way to work. Tickets for the event at Millenium Park were close to sold out and were only going to be sold until 6pm that day. Ugh! So I had to settle on a documentary showing briefly here called 10 Questions for the Dalai Lama by filmmaker Rick Ray, who spent years trying to get to interview the Nobel Peace Prize winner and months pondering the questions he would ask once he’s given the opportunity to ask him only 10 in the course of 45 minutes. For the uninitiated, this is a good start to understanding the widely popular holy man with its informative introduction of how a boy from a poor family grew to become the latest source of inspiration for millions worldwide advocating non-violence.

Going from a holy man to a hellish woman, I recently watched (again) The Nanny starring Bette Davis as a sweet old lady taking care of the young son of a well-off (and really off in other ways) couple in England. The dad’s as uptight as they come and the mom’s hysterical because “Joey’s coming home from boarding school” believing somehow the boy was responsible for his baby sister’s death. As a farewell gift to that hellhole, he feigns hanging himself in his room, scaring the shit out of one of the nurses. No crepe paper and balloons for this bastard. But he does get a welcome home cake from Nanny, whom he despises and is convinced is trying to kill him.  It’s an interesting movie although I found none of the characters truly sympathetic. I guess that’s the strength of it, but it’s a little hard to take when the kid does some truly rotten things and only gets sent to his room. Big whoop! I almost wanted Nanny to get all Baby Jane on him in a few scenes, but it’s not a bad time waster.

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