Best (and a few worst) of 2006

This year has, unfortunately, been a thin year for my watching movies as scheduling conflicts made viewing matinee shows at my favorite theaters even more difficult than before. I’m hoping this will change if and when I move to Chicago (pending this year).

Anyway, here are a list of titles I think were the best that I’ve seen this year:

1. Cache

2. Bubble

3. The Proposition

4. Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada

5. Why We Fight

6. Evil

 Before the Fall would have made the top 10 of movies widely released in Chicago this year, but I actually viewed the film in 2005 and it made my top 10 of that year.

Some good titles that did not quite make a top 10 but are still worth watching are An Inconvenient Truth, Who Killed the Electric Car?, This Film is Not Yet Rated, The War Tapes and Little Miss Sunshine.  I also watched a reissued Almodovar film The Flower of My Secret, which is great to watch any year.

Now for the bad. Not watching a lot of movies this year means you won’t waste too much time with garbage, but the two movies that just about gave me the dry heaves were Gabrielle and Imagine Me and You.

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1 Response to Best (and a few worst) of 2006

  1. adam says:

    ‘why we fight’?

    this is Frank Capra or has someone new appropriated the title?

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